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credit story.

Build your resume. Build your credit. Build your future.

“To inspire hope and belonging so that
renters flourish.”


Products built to support our fellow renters.

We’ve created unique products for renters to
reduce renting headaches and heartaches.

Renter profile.

Build your portable profile by adding all of your application attributes – banking info, employment, background check, and experiences, so that your next move can be headache free.

Renter credit.

Build credit with on-time monthly rent payments. Increasing your credit score increases your financial success. With a higher score you gain access to lower rates on credit cards, car loans, and mortgage rates.
Why rente

Your key to successful renting.

Rente’s products are the easiest way to make your
rental life more successful and rewarding.

Renter portability.


We mobilize your renter application so you can take it anywhere with you. Similar to your resume – show your best attributes to your landlord and stand out above others!



We report your rent payments to credit bureaus to increase your credit score. We want to bring value through your renting journey so that you can buy the home you want and need!

Hear what others

have to say.

Renters are our priority and we keep them in mind with every
decision we make. Hear what they have to say.
“I love what you guys are doing! I wish that Rente was around when I was renting as a college kid, I wouldn’t have taken out credit cards.”


Mike S.

Redding, CA

“After selling my home, my credit score dropped significantly. Rente will help me build my credit again, so I can buy another home.”


Henry P.

Jacksonville, FL

“I had a bad renting experience in college, so I am glad to see that I can build my renter profile and now show my positive rent history.”


Ben K.

Cincinnati, OH

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