Tell your credit story.

You are more than a credit score. Share your unique attributes, history, and profile to get the home you want, and need. Credit, where credit is due.

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Ready for some good news?

You pay your rent. You pay your bills. You’re a great neighbor. We noticed.
The average renter moves every 22 months but does not take any of this history with them. With each move, you start from scratch, the entire application process repeats.
With Rente, you build credit.

Renter profile.

Your profile is a digital toolkit providing alt-credit and unbiased ACCESS to credit and capital. It follows you, connecting you with relevant services and resources while simplifying applications.

Credit reporting.

A simple way to capture on-time payments to build your credit score. Report reoccurring rent and utility  payments to credit bureaus. Better credit, better rates, better value, better life!

Inclusive access to stable housing.

Build your credit, build your future. We can help. Your profile delivers credit and alt-credit, meaning we deliver an unbiased, inclusive method to get you the home you want, and need.

Landlords and Property Managers

Help your renters see the value
they create while cultivating a
sustainable renter community.

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