Credit and Community

Build your future and your credit.

No debt. No hassle. It’s that simple. 

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What’s the problem?

No Data.

We believe that all people should have access to an inclusive and flourishing community. Today’s problem is there is no longevity in your history, value capture for renters, or integration into the community. The lack of data, absence of incentives/value, and inadequacy of community engagement impact every stakeholder, especially renters. 


Pay Online

Online, secure, fast, reliable. We make paying rent easy. 

Renter Profile

Your persistent profile provides ACCESS to networks, deals, amenities, services, community events, local perks, resources and more. Build your profile to get connected. 

 Credit Reporting

Capture the value you’re creating and prepare for the future by reporting on-time payments to build your credit. Report rent payments, recurring payments, and utility payments to credit bureaus. Better credit, better rates, better value, better life!

Wraparound Services

Finally, something back for being a great tenant. You deserve it! Invite your friends, support local, be virtuous, connect your landlord, pay on-time. Local discounts, perks, and services. 

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Bringing renters together,
so you can build community.


Rente is a technology that helps community stakeholders improve their community’s stability. Access to credit and capital plus wraparound services that help communities stabilize and thrive. 

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