Frictionless Processing

Tenant Insights

Tenant Amenity Program

Frictionless Processing

Tenant Insights

Tenant Amenity Program

Why rente?

Because we have created an immutable platform built on the blockchain – this means our tenant assessment is trusted and built on integrity.

Tired of sorting through your checks each month?

Want to reward your tenant for early lease renewal?

Want to incentivize good behavior?

Not satisfied with your current tenant screening.

Why Our Ecosystem Works For You


All in one payment gateway. Will also allow you to amenity up-sell, give discounts on rent, add utilities and more.


How do we do this? We use artificial neural networks and modeling to uncover a ‘credit’ measurement for the Renter.


You now can incentivize your tenants and reward early lease renewal, finding a replacement, and even minor maintenance.

Our information is housed in a distributed ledger technology to ensure accuracy and immutability. This blockchain serves as an excellent use case to integrate trust and efficiencies in tenant screening.

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