Tenant amenity and assessment tool for landlords.

Efficiency, data, and community analytics to improve cashflow and net operating income.

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Bringing efficiency to reduce
cost and improve your communities.

Take the friction out of managing and collecting rent. Your tool suite provides automation
of payments, validation and credentialing of tenants, community insights, and behavior
reinforcement. Unique rent-roll insight to reduce turnover, default, and eviction.

Community Insights and Analytics

For the first time, understand the overall health of your community with insights pertaining to tenant and profile. The feedback and data tenants generate help inform your decisions regarding community, amenities, and retention.


We will be Beta testing soon.

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Everybody wins with a
renter-landlord community.

We believe there is immense value in community and inclusion. Renters and landlords need the support of each other. Welcome to the reward community for rent! 

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