Inclusive screening, better tenants.

Use AI and high-fidelity data to find and retain healthy tenants, even those with non-prime credit scores.

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Answers that drive profitability.

Which renters will outperform their FICO scores? By how much?
Which renters have the character to pay even if their income is reduced, or they lose their job?
Which renters are more likely to renew, go delinquent, or default in the next two years?
What services can I provide to stabilize my community?

Inclusive identification of healthy tenants.

Automatically verify assets, income, employment
Understand ability to pay and character to pay
Deliver services that stabilize the renter
Verify identity while reducing fraud
Discover understated FICO scores
Advanced community analytics

Provide inclusive access to stable housing.

We help you solve for the systematic challenges confronting the rental landscape with the promise to unlock value for every  renter while improving your profitability and community vitality.


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