AI Powered Score Identifies Quality Tenants

Use AI and FICO-alterative score to screen profitable tenants, even those with low FICO credit scores. 

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What is the problem?
Traditional Screening is Inaccurate

12 million Americans are in default, owing on average $5,850 in back rent and utilities

Nationally, FICO scores have increased, but acceptance rates have decreased

Amid Covid, tenant pools artificially narrowed, while Landlords have pressure to enhance screening

How are you going to identify

profitable tenants post-Covid?

AI + Alternative Data = Profitable Tenant Placement

Technology Used by Freddie Mac and PNC Bank 

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Everybody wins.

Mutual-value, flourishing community.

We believe ALL people should have access to stable housing and an inclusive community. The problem, there is no longevity in a tenant’s transaction history or value capture in the form of credit. We use AI to help multifamily landlords identify and retain profitable tenants, including tenants with non-prime credit.

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