Your best tenants.

Improve conversion, increase margin, and support community stability. Find and keep your best tenants. 

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Answers that drive profitability.

Know which renters will outperform their FICO scores, and by how much.

Know which renters have the character to pay even if their income is reduced, or if they lose their job.

Know which renters are more likely to renew, go delinquent, or default in the next two years.

Know what services could stabilize your community.

Inclusive identification of your best tenants. 

Advanced analytics, data aggregation, and Alt-FICO automates tenant onboarding.


Broaden acceptance criteria
Lower cost to write/lease-up
Reduce fraud and verify identity
Verify assets, income, employment
Discover understated FICO scores
Intelligence: ability & character to pay
Community resiliency analytics


Inclusive access to stable housing.

We help you solve for the systematic challenges confronting the rental landscape. We unlock value for every renter while improving your profitability and community vitality.

Renters and
Community Members 

You are more than a credit score.
Share your unique attributes, history, and
profile to get the home you want, and need.
Credit, where credit is due.

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